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tomorow it the BIG DAY!!!

So this is it... tomorow i'll finaly graduate from college!!
YATTAA!! hehehe...

well actually i'm not that happy... cuz most of my friends and family won't be able to be with me... =,C
aarg! I don't understand why they decided to maka it on a friday morning!! I mean everyone is working, so they can'tbe there...
and the worst is that i can't get mad at them or show them how sad i feel... cuz it's not their fault =S

Well but in the end i am happy!! I just feel a little sad...
but i know they all love me and wish me all the best
and i'm so grateful for everything!!!


Thank you God, my family, friends and of course
You gave me the strength to keep on going, this is all thanks to you
please stay with me forever!

Ahh i'm starting to get nervous >○<
hope i don't fall down when i go get my diploma hahaha

ah btw! i'll be posting something special tomorow
soo look forward to it!/b> ;>


arggg i can'r believe i'm so late for Hika's BD!!
but it's still Dec. 2nd here in my country... so i don't feel so bad now XD

i've always said that i don't have an ichiban, becouse i love all JUMP, but
i have to admit that Hikaru is the closest one to be my ichiban XD
well actually no... cuz he means much more for me than that ^///^
he's the one for me... my only one... ahhh God!! it's so embarazing >///<
hehehe but it's the truth

so for the love of my life... i wish you all the best
i hope all your dreams come true, that you always be surrounded by the ones you love and loves you
you bring so much happiness into my life! and i don't think that there will ever be a way
to show you how much you mean to me
and how grateful i am becouse i got to meet you...
i'm happy cuz i found you =3

hehehe i got a little emotional up here XD
now as usual some of my Hika's fav Pics *o*

[Hikaru&apos;s Perfection <3]Chibi Hika <3
awwwn!! so CuuuTE!

Chibi HikaBu
HikaBu X3 Then...

and Now!!! OMG! this picture it's like... TOO FUCKING CUTE!!

In Othros no Inu... ahh his sexyness is unbeareable! *0*

and of couse!! Rocking the Bass... just THE BEST!!!!

Hika&apos;s smile
X3 Hika's smile... saves me every day

Happy Birthday Hika-cha~n!!!

I <3 HY


261113 100byou Hakase Academy ~Yabu Kota~

hey there!
it's almost Hika's birthday!! so ro celebrate i'm sharing the 100byou hakase academy where his beloved yabu appeared ^^


it's a very fun episode! and i just can't  get over yabu's new hair cut!! he looks soooooooo CUTEEE ♡♡♡


well enough talking XD
here you go!!

Resolution: 480p x  840p
Size: 275,1mb
Format: mp4
Length: 46:09

4shared link: http://www.4shared.com/video/ONneLbCB/131126_100byou_Hakase_Academy_.html

it's public for the moment so ENJOY!! =D
also if anyone wants the 720p x 1024p version i can upload it too! it's like 700mb so if you guys want it then let me know ok Uploaded! XD

HD Version: 1024p x 720p
Size: 702mb
Format: mp4
Length: 46:09
4shared Link:
001: http://www.4shared.com/file/ENhset3Y/131126_100byou_HA_1024p_x_720p.html
002: http://www.4shared.com/file/ZPEV9uor/131126_100byou_HA_1024p_x_720p.html

Happy Birthday my Kanpeki Knock-Out!!! <3

it's finally Chii's BD!!!
ahh so long since i celebrate a JUMP BD! i've miss it XD

i'm so shock that my seet little baby Chii is already 20 years old!! OMG!!
i'm happy cuz i don't feel so much like a pedophile now... well i'm still 2 years older than him but...
anyways XD

i wish you all the best Chii-chan... i hope your life is and will always be full of happyness, success, fun, frienship, learning and lots LOOOTS of LUUV (mostly mine ;D)
i love you soo much! and i'm so happy i got to know you!
thank you for being a part of my life!!! <3

and now some of my fav chii's pics XD

[Chii&apos;s Awesomness! <3]ohayo

OMG Chii!!!

Sexy Sleepy

Inoo and Chii&apos;s butt!

i LUUV this one!! *.*

Happy Bithday Chinen!!

Chinen&apos;s presento

I <3 CY


Just Saying... =D

Hi!! =D

sop... i know evryone has notice that the journal has been very slow this days
and since this is the only way i'm able to keep my JUMP love alive... i'm worried!
actually... one of this days i was ready to give up on the fandome, i was ready to forget about JUMP forever...

it's just that sometimes it's so hard and painful knowing that there are so many thing i can't do becouse i'm so freaking far away from them!!! buying a simple magazine it's almost imposible for me!! it's just so frustrating!!!.... sometimes it's too painful to bear it

i think it started when zenkoku was anounced... i was so excied! but then i realice that i wasn't able to afford it... and then the 11th single!... you've got to be kinding me!! and i was planning to buy the JUMP WORLD LE-CD! i didn't know what to do...
but then the day i was ready to quit... a package came to my door... it was JUMP No.1 RE-CD, i ordered it a couple of weeks before... i opened it and started to look at the booklet, listening to the music and something cracked inside of me... i started to cry as a crazy person! XD and in that momment i thought... i can't leave them! i can't forget about them!! and not only that! I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THEM! and I DEFENETLY DON'T WANT TO FORGET THEM!!!
i know it sounds stupid but JUMP has brought me so many wonderful times... happyness, love and the will to go on and live my life at it fullest!! my life will never be the same... and no matter how many years pass... the fact that i love JUMP will never change... now i'm sure of that!

so now, i'm aware that it'll be hard! i know that i won't be one of those fans that have every single, DVD, album, magazine and goods, but i'm defenetly a TOBIKKO! for sure! there's no doubt in my heart about it!! i love them and my community so much!!

i'll do my best to make this work...
and now i have a new life goal:
i'll attend a JUMP Concert!! i'll go there for sure!! and righ before the concert start, i'll sing to myself
"where my heart belongs" cuz i'll be standing there by myself, where my heat belongs...

JUMP IS MY LIFE... and it always will be

ahhhh i really needed to let all that out!! i feel much better now!!
sorry for making such a big deal out of this... but it was a big deal for me =D
I see no one has post this so...
i leave you the 100byou Hakase Academy where Inoo-chan appeared!!
he's sooo adorablee!!! >3<

well here it is =D


Dimention: 480x848
Duration: 46:05
Format: mp4
Size: 274MB
[FileCloud Link]http://filecloud.io/2pn1dl49

*i don't own anything! credits to the owner*
November 4th... when it all started

as i've said before, i'm a recent JUMP fan and it was in a day just like this that it all started...
i knew about JUMP some time before that day, but i used to like only Yuto, Chii and Yama... and just becouse i thought they were suuuper cute! but i didn't care that much about the band...

BUT! that day... i was bored and there was something i had and i was ignoring....

 JUMP WORLD - Recording & Jacketing Shooting

and then came THIS!



JUMP&apos;s punch-to-my-heart

------------------------ * -------------------------

and not only that!! there are so many monents than made me fail soooo badly!!

[the reason why i cant forget Keiti&apos;s face <3]Keiti! <3

for some reasond this was one of the most unforgettable moments... i felt for keito in that instant! >w<

[Inoo&apos;s randomness made me fall! <3]Inoo&apos;s Books!! <3

Inoo&apos;s Aura

Inoo! so random, hahahaha i laught sooo hard!! he's such a dork! >v<
those books are ABSOLUTELY YOURS ne~ you don't even know what they're about!!! soo CUTE! >w<
and your "Aura"... hahahaha i just LOOOOOOVEEEE HIMMMM!!!!

[7&apos;s Strike to my heart!!]7&apos;s cuteness

hahahaha keito!! always the monkey-gorila-man!... tho i think he was making chicken noises XD
soo CUTE!!

[Best moment from BEST! <3]Best Shot!! <3

Best... is the BEST!! Yabu-san is such a dork!! that face!!! HYLARIOUS!!!
just love them... LOVE THEM!!!! ^3^

------------------------- * -------------------------

and then... they start to talk about the recording.... and
i'm FALLING all over again!!!
in here they show me how much they care about their fans and how passioned they are about their music...

[Daiki&apos;s Determination <3]Daiki!! =,)

Dai-chan wants to be perfect!! he's so determined about it!!
that really impressed me and made me love him even more <3

[Hikaru&apos;s Passion! <3]Hiki&apos;s Passion!!

Hika&apos;s songs! <3

this two moments really made fall in love with Hikaru....
he's so passioned about music, lyrics and giving his fans great songs... just made me love him
and it still is what i like the most about him >w<

[JUMP is AWESOME!!]Inoo&apos;s phrasing yabu

Yabu is so humble!!

Yuya is a Hero!!

hearing them talking about their songs and how hard they work on them... made me wanna listen to them...
know more about them!! it just really impressed me!

----------------------- * -------------------------

YUTII!! u&apos;re so sweet!!

Yuto's sweet words really touched me... and so far... JUMP have gave me so much strengh and made me brave...
thanks to them, i can smile even in the hardest momments, i'm strong enought to face all troubles, becouse
i know that i'm not alone, as Yuti said... we are together... forever =D

and Dai's wise words were right!

Dai-chan wise words

from that day on... since i saw this
since i heard their songs, know about them...
my life changed...
now i'm happy, cheerful, brave, determined, mature and of course...
Full of Love!!

THANK YOU GOD for putting them on my life

ps: BTW thanks you so much to Cheerycheeked-love.blogspot.com.... love you guys!!! <3
Here's the first 100byou Hakase Academy Episode!!!
Yabu-chan was the first to appearede in it!! soo cute! with his curly hair <3

the episode was so fun!! hahaha but so weard at some point!
they checked Yabu's scalp ^^... like this!



Even his scalp is beautiful!!! hahahaha

well here you gooo~!

Resolution: 1104 x 622
Size: 460 mb
Lenght: 59: 29
FileCloud Link: http://filecloud.io/fjdkyvg3

(c) as it shows on the clip
Ahhh it's been a wile....
my life has been crazy lately!! @.@ not in the best way BUT!
i feel like becuse of that i'm a liiittle stronger now =D

Well as we all know las month was JUMP's 6th Anniversary!!!! YATA!!! *\(^o^)/*
sadly i've been sick so i couldn't celebrate it as i wanted to!
but i did made something... something that i think represents perfectly
JUMP's Journey in our lives

[The Journey]The Journey!
it's not at all romantic or anything... that comes next XD... (so lame)

Thank you so much JUMP for everything that you give us
for your jokes, friendship, support, fun, wisdome, power, music and spetialy...love
you've saved me in so many ways i can't even explain it to you!
i love you more and more every day
and i'm sure that even when life gets harder and harder i'll be fine...
cuz i know i'm not alone... i know that from now on... we'll be together C=


ahhh that felt good to say!!

Yuto's presento for MEEE~

SO! right on Yuto's birthday something great happened to me!

i was looking in some of my stuff and all of the sudden i found a bunch of DVDs
and one of those was the DVD where i burned "Engine"
i download a while ago this dorama but a lot of things happened at that time
so i burned it to watch it later... but i lose it!!

and in that day i found it!!!
i felt like Yuto was giving me this present on his birthday
so i could fail with his cuteness and awsome acting skils >.<
(and Dai-chan's too) <3 <3

i've been super busy lately but i just finish watching it and...
I LOOOVED IT!!! *O* it's suck a touching story!!
ahh and Yuti and Dai are soooo CUTEEEE!!! *fail*

here are some screencaps <3

[Yuti&apos;s <3]Yuto badass

i love this part! it's actually the fist episode... i love how Yuto it's such a badass!
he's so brutaly honest and mature... a lot of times mean XD
Love it! *w*

Yuti mean

yuti and his camera

even at this time Yuto was already in love with the camera! XD

[Dai-chan&apos;s >w<]i LOOVE his story in the dorama!! soooo TOUCHING!!!
i cryed the whole time! hahaha (i'm a cry baby! but still...)



i love how shy he is! but at the same time brave and strong!! *w*
always protecting his little sister <3

Dai kakoi!!

Dai really killed me in this dorama!! I LOOVE HIM even more now!!! hehe

i really enjoyed your present!! >3