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100byou Hakase Academy 2014.01.28 & 2014.02.04 ~ BLOND INOO COLLECTION ~ <3

Guys!! HEY! how are you??
today is Valentines Day!! so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! \^.^/

so as a present for everyone i'm leaving you the two last Hakase episodes!
the two episodes where Inoo is showing off his Blond Style *p*
actually i think he's back to black hair... sorry i'm posting them so late! m(_ _)m

well enought talking, more linking! ^^

Jan. 28

this was the first time Inoo showed his Blond hair on TV!! he didn't appeared in the show
only in next episode's preview... but IT WAS SOOO SHOKING!!! OoO!



Resolution: HQ
Side: 275 mb
Lenght: 45:59
4S Link:

Feb. 04

in this episode we got to see Inoo a little bit more ^^
he looks so handsome <3 ahhh i just LOVE him so much!! <3

Inoo 0o0!

Resolution: HD
Side: 706 mb
Lenght: 46:59
FileCloud Link:

well here you go!
i think there was no episode this week ^^
well i'll keep on uploading the episodes! so look forward for them ok!

Public as always
but i don't own anything!! (c) to the owner: かわさきやまと™ ~ B級動画 ^^

ahh btw are you guys enjoing Ai/Ai single!? i love it so much!! *w*
i'm too happy right now!! hehe
well i just wannet to say that! sorry for talking too much XD
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