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100Byou Hakase Academy ~ Jan 14 & 21~ Inoo & Hika

Hi!! how are you guys!?
maa~ this is my first post of the 2014... and its already almost the end of jan! T.T

well as i've promised, i'm goind to keep on uploading Hakase Academy ^^

so here's the last two episodes

Jan 14

[Inoo <3]in this episode Inoo-chan only appearded a couple of seconds... but looking beautiful as always *o*

and then, the motherfuckers of the show did THIS!!!

Noo! Inoo!!

arggg!!!! wath the hell is that?!! the ONLY second that Inoo talked THEY SHOWED THE CREDITS!! coverting his face and voice with them! >=@
well, you can see him a little bit... at least ^^

here's the link ^^
Resolution: 848p x 480p
Side: 274mb
Length: 45:59
FileCloud Link:

Jan 21

[Hikaru <3]this time is Hika-chan's turn ^^
he actually appearded way more than Inoo... ahh he's was so sexy all the time... *w*
Hikaru =Q

i love him so much <3

here's the link ^^
Resolution: 848p x 780p
Side: 273mb
Length: 45:59
FileCloud Link:

Public for the moment ^^

btw! is everyone excited about Dark System? =D i love it!! <3
i'm happy Ammi-chan is going to subb it!! Thank you so much!!
also is almost Yabu's BD!! and AiAi's releace day!! *o*! GOSH!! SOO EXCITED!!!!
well i'll see you guys soon!
take care ^^

i dont own anything!! (c)B級動画
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