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100byou Hakase Academy 2013-12-10 ~Inoo & Hika~

Double sharing today!! hehehe
i forgot that i uploaded this episode a couple day ago...
sorry for sharing it until now =D

Ok! so in this episode our lovely Inoo and Hika were guests, but not at the same time...
Hika's part was interesting! and he was soooo beautiful!! with his dark hair *w*

Hikaru laughing!
Kyaa! *fails* i love it when Hikaru burst into laugh like this!! <3

at some point the conversation got a little disturbing... as you can see in Hikaru's face XD

as for Inoo... he didn't say a single word... XD but as always he looked like a prince
just sitting there quietly <3
Inoo <3

Ok!! Here you go ^^

Resolution:1024p x 720p
Size: 700mb
Format: mp4
Length: 45:59
FileCloud Link:

Resolution:454p x 390p
Size: 151mb
Format: mp4
Length: 45:59
MF Link:

i have a lower version (390p x 454p) it's about 200mb, so if you want me to upload it too just let me know Uploaded ;D
Well enjoy!!

i don't own anything!! (c) to the owner
Tags: 100byouha, download, hikaru yaotome, hsj, inoo kei
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