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100byou Hakase Academy 2013-12-03 ~Inoo Kei~

Sooop~ Hi! ^^
well as i told you guys before, this has been shared already in other jounals and in much better quality...
buuut since a friend ask me to share it, and i wanned to do it too XD
i leave youu here Inoo's episode of 100byou from Dec. 03

An EPIC episode, as someone said =D
Inoo it's just the best!! he's sooo... soo... INOO! XDD

as you can see HERE:
Inoo Kei desu!
LOL! this is something that only Inoo would do <3 *o*

ans i love the fact that he was actually watching himself in the VTR!! XD
Inoo shine!

hahahahaha his expresion!! LMFAO! X,D

well now, here you go =D

Resolution:712p x 400p
Size: 279mb
Format: avi
Length: 46:03
4shared link:

as always public for the momment!!
Enjoy!! <3
Tags: 100byouha, dowload, hsj, inoo kei
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