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Hello~ how's everybody doing?!
wow so much has happend since last time i was around here...
JUMP's album, tour, single, regular show... and a bunch of doramas!
even out Keitii will appeard in one!! i'm so looking forward to it!!! (hope someone sub it!)

well this post is actually to clear out something...
as much of you know a couple of month ago i posted a Masterpost for Hirunandesu episodes to be downloaded... a lot of people ask me for it, but a good friend of mine pointed out if i had the permission from the original source @InsulatorJJ-YH-TJ-FR-MK weibo to upload and share the episodes... i didn't! and when i ask for it she said no... not becouse she is mean, but becouse it's is actually dangerous!! uploading and sharing show is ilegal and you can go to prison for it!! so don't get mad at her...

i'm so sorry about this, but if you still want them you can PM me and i'll try to help you out somehow ok ^^

well that's it!
ahh!! and btw! maybe tomorrow i'll upload something veeeery special!!
kyaa i'm actually very excited to share it with all of you guys!!
wait for it nee~

12 - copia

see yaa~~ ;D
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