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[sticky post] Intro Post (Hello world!)

I'm not sure if i need to do this.... but i will anyways XD

HI!! sorry for my suuper late Introduction!!
My name is Jenifer
OMG!!! this post was so outdated!!
i kind of cried a little by reading it.. i was 22 when i did it... TT.TT

Well waht ca you do... so here it is, updated =D

I'm from El Salvador
And i'm 25 year old

[Well, about me....]i'm a Psychologist in love with her career but sadly not applying it yet... but it's all part of "The Plan"
The plan is:
* Graduate this year DONE! \^o^/.-*\(^o^)/*-.
* Find a job--- WORKING ALREADY!! YATTA!! it is not thaaat good but it is helping me to reach the rest of the parts of my plan ^ ^
*i'm currently studying my Master in Business Psychology so i hope i can end it next year </span>
* i will travel to Japan next year!! i'm determined to make it happend!!! (/*w*)/ (i've been saving for 2 years now hehe)
* Travel the world *o* (this is a long time plan but i will make it happend as well! Yosh!)
* Of course that i want to work in my career soon</span>
* AND of course... MEETING JUMP AND MARRY THEM >///<

that's as far as my Plan... maybe i'm a little a LOT delusional on the last one... but i don't care!!
hahahaha it's fun dreaming ne~

emm... what else...
well as you already know (i guess) i'm a HUGE JUMP fan
but i don't really have an ichiban... i love all JUMP...
but i do love Hikaru but the love that i have for him is not as an ichiban... is more like, the one whom i want to spend the rest of my life with ^w^... i just love him, LOVE HIM!
my OTPs... well i also love all of them!! i love InooDai, HikaBu, AriYama, YamaJima, TakaChii, OkaJima, OkaMori, InooBu, TakaBu... etc... all of them! =3
maybe i'm a liiiiiiiitle BEST bias... but just a liiiitle bit =D

ahh i've writen too much already...
but i think that's it!
i love making new friends! so feel free to add me!! =)
and if you guys feel like talking, i'll listen (well read in this case XD)

this is my facebook acount if you want to friend me too!

thanks for reading!!!
see you around!!!




Hello~ how's everybody doing?!
wow so much has happend since last time i was around here...
JUMP's album, tour, single, regular show... and a bunch of doramas!
even out Keitii will appeard in one!! i'm so looking forward to it!!! (hope someone sub it!)

well this post is actually to clear out something...
as much of you know a couple of month ago i posted a Masterpost for Hirunandesu episodes to be downloaded... a lot of people ask me for it, but a good friend of mine pointed out if i had the permission from the original source @InsulatorJJ-YH-TJ-FR-MK weibo to upload and share the episodes... i didn't! and when i ask for it she said no... not becouse she is mean, but becouse it's is actually dangerous!! uploading and sharing show is ilegal and you can go to prison for it!! so don't get mad at her...

i'm so sorry about this, but if you still want them you can PM me and i'll try to help you out somehow ok ^^

well that's it!
ahh!! and btw! maybe tomorrow i'll upload something veeeery special!!
kyaa i'm actually very excited to share it with all of you guys!!
wait for it nee~

12 - copia

see yaa~~ ;D
ahhh God it's been so long!! i miss chating with my tobikko buddys! T.T
and i'm even sadder now! becouse the only way i had to help my community was by sharing Hakase
and now... it's over!! TToTT
it sucks!! but it can't be helped... if it doesn't sell, it doesn't stay =(

well in this last episode they presented the 10 most shocking moments of the show... but in the end then had a new guess! such a cute but weard sensei ^^... it was Inoo (still blond) who appearded this time... as always beautiful!! <3


well... for the last time... here you go!

Resolution: HD
Size: 702mb
Lenght: 45: 59
4share Link: http://www.4shared.com/video/uqg4yItGba/_ep13_HD_40311_100byou_HA.html

enjoy! and it was awesome to feel useful for the community... i hope i can find a way to keep doing it ^^
thanks guys!
see ya around <3

Hi there!! ^^
how are you guys!!? ahhh i've miss so much the fandome =(
but im trying my best to keep my fandome life and work in balance... its hard but
ITS WORTH IT!! absolutely worth it!!

well... once again im leaving you the last two Hakase episodes
and YABU IS BACK!!! and he's so handsome!! with his straight and dark hair *p*
SO here you go!! ^^

Feb. 25


Resolution: HQ
Lenght: 46: 02
Weight: 274 mb
Link: http://filecloud.io/gmwbcv50

March 04


Resolution: HQ
Lenght: 45: 59
Weight: 274 mb
Link: http://filecloud.io/0aknt9jz

ah! btw... JUMP's calendar is already releaced!! >w<
its so hard not to look at all the spoilers! cuz i want to wait until i get my own copy to see the pictures...
ahhhh i cant wait OMG!!

well i'll see you around minna!! aishiteruu~ <3

Guys!! HEY! how are you??
today is Valentines Day!! so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! \^.^/

so as a present for everyone i'm leaving you the two last Hakase episodes!
the two episodes where Inoo is showing off his Blond Style *p*
actually i think he's back to black hair... sorry i'm posting them so late! m(_ _)m

well enought talking, more linking! ^^

Jan. 28

this was the first time Inoo showed his Blond hair on TV!! he didn't appeared in the show
only in next episode's preview... but IT WAS SOOO SHOKING!!! OoO!



Resolution: HQ
Side: 275 mb
Lenght: 45:59
4S Link: http://www.4shared.com/video/tkj40WWlba/HQ_140128_100byou_Hakase_Acade.html

Feb. 04

in this episode we got to see Inoo a little bit more ^^
he looks so handsome <3 ahhh i just LOVE him so much!! <3

Inoo 0o0!

Resolution: HD
Side: 706 mb
Lenght: 46:59
FileCloud Link: http://filecloud.io/4xaisqkp

well here you go!
i think there was no episode this week ^^
well i'll keep on uploading the episodes! so look forward for them ok!

Public as always
but i don't own anything!! (c) to the owner: かわさきやまと™ ~ B級動画 ^^

ahh btw are you guys enjoing Ai/Ai single!? i love it so much!! *w*
i'm too happy right now!! hehe
well i just wannet to say that! sorry for talking too much XD
Hi!! how are you guys!?
maa~ this is my first post of the 2014... and its already almost the end of jan! T.T

well as i've promised, i'm goind to keep on uploading Hakase Academy ^^

so here's the last two episodes

Jan 14

[Inoo <3]in this episode Inoo-chan only appearded a couple of seconds... but looking beautiful as always *o*

and then, the motherfuckers of the show did THIS!!!

Noo! Inoo!!

arggg!!!! wath the hell is that?!! the ONLY second that Inoo talked THEY SHOWED THE CREDITS!! coverting his face and voice with them! >=@
well, you can see him a little bit... at least ^^

here's the link ^^
Resolution: 848p x 480p
Side: 274mb
Length: 45:59
FileCloud Link: http://filecloud.io/2q8645up

Jan 21

[Hikaru <3]this time is Hika-chan's turn ^^
he actually appearded way more than Inoo... ahh he's was so sexy all the time... *w*
Hikaru =Q

i love him so much <3

here's the link ^^
Resolution: 848p x 780p
Side: 273mb
Length: 45:59
FileCloud Link: http://filecloud.io/lqofy91g

Public for the moment ^^

btw! is everyone excited about Dark System? =D i love it!! <3
i'm happy Ammi-chan is going to subb it!! Thank you so much!!
also is almost Yabu's BD!! and AiAi's releace day!! *o*! GOSH!! SOO EXCITED!!!!
well i'll see you guys soon!
take care ^^

i dont own anything!! (c)B級動画
Double sharing today!! hehehe
i forgot that i uploaded this episode a couple day ago...
sorry for sharing it until now =D

Ok! so in this episode our lovely Inoo and Hika were guests, but not at the same time...
Hika's part was interesting! and he was soooo beautiful!! with his dark hair *w*

Hikaru laughing!
Kyaa! *fails* i love it when Hikaru burst into laugh like this!! <3

at some point the conversation got a little disturbing... as you can see in Hikaru's face XD

as for Inoo... he didn't say a single word... XD but as always he looked like a prince
just sitting there quietly <3
Inoo <3

Ok!! Here you go ^^

Resolution:1024p x 720p
Size: 700mb
Format: mp4
Length: 45:59
FileCloud Link: http://filecloud.io/jsn683ct

Resolution:454p x 390p
Size: 151mb
Format: mp4
Length: 45:59
MF Link:http://www.mediafire.com/watch/bmx99z12zth93tc/%5BMQ%5D%20131210%20Hakase%20Academy.mp4

i have a lower version (390p x 454p) it's about 200mb, so if you want me to upload it too just let me know Uploaded ;D
Well enjoy!!

i don't own anything!! (c) to the owner
Sooop~ Hi! ^^
well as i told you guys before, this has been shared already in other jounals and in much better quality...
buuut since a friend ask me to share it, and i wanned to do it too XD
i leave youu here Inoo's episode of 100byou from Dec. 03

An EPIC episode, as someone said =D
Inoo it's just the best!! he's sooo... soo... INOO! XDD

as you can see HERE:
Inoo Kei desu!
LOL! this is something that only Inoo would do <3 *o*

ans i love the fact that he was actually watching himself in the VTR!! XD
Inoo shine!

hahahahaha his expresion!! LMFAO! X,D

well now, here you go =D

Resolution:712p x 400p
Size: 279mb
Format: avi
Length: 46:03
4shared link: http://www.4shared.com/video/Ef5p3wMV/131203_100byou_Hakase_Academy_.html

as always public for the momment!!
Enjoy!! <3

it's up to you guys!!

Hi everyone!
So my graduation day it's over and it went great!
I finaly felt happy thanks to all my class mates and family

So now i'm legaly a Psychologist well i still have a ton of paper work to do but... yeah
maybe i'll show you some pics later, if i don't feel too embarazed XD

so i was going to post the 100byou where Inoo appeared, but i see it hhas been shared in other ljs already and in much better deffinition (mine is 400p x 712p) so iguess there's no need for me to upload it, but if you guys still want me to upload it, then i'll do it! SOP i've decided to upload it anyways XD since dis0414 requested, and i feel like it too =D

Ahh and btw i've uploaded the HD version of the 131126 100byou episode for those who requested it =D just check it on that episode's post [Here]http://usamona.livejournal.com/7247.html

So let me know what you think ok!!